“A sensitive and poetical approach,

firmly entrenched in nature,

and respectful of the art of handmade goods.”

For Céline Wright, « the work done by hand is the only non-polluting human energy. » All her hand-made objects are created by blending ancestral techniques using natural and non-polluting materials, requiring different types of special manipulations. Each light is a unique piece. In this way, the designer has created a true « cottage industry. » Molded and structured by hand, « one casting of the cocon can be composed of over 1600 bands of paper, individually glued to the mold. Its creation can take up to 7 hours of work» tells the artist. The cocon is solid and unbreakable and diffuses a soft and pleasing light.

The Paper

Celine Wright restores the reputation of this ‘forgotten material’ in our industrial society. Washi, Japanese paper distinguishable for its whiteness, possess numerous virtues little known in Europe: resistant and translucent, it allows for the creation of enormous lights with an extreme lightness; Cirrus, a light of 2m20 weighs less than 5kg. Delicate and functional, it illustrates perfectly the fable of the oak and the reed, the apparent fragility of the paper does not leave transparent its resistance.

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