At the heart of Nest story was nostalgia for Paris, and its bohemian quarter Le Marais where I grew up. The taste for beautiful things, for authenticity, for natural and sustainable aesthetics.

The beauty is everywhere there. Partly also as a result of a life style. You are in the heart of a thrilling capital but still the shops won’t open before 11 am and one ray of sunshine will be enough for the cafe terraces to be busy and crowded as if no one were working.

Interior design is central in the Parisian “art de vivre”, having friends for a dinner at home, spending a day reading on a couch, playing and running with the children all over the place, all this, needs to happen in a warm and pleasant environment, a nest where you are both protected from the outside world and opened towards it. An interior with personality, beauty and always with a pinch of humor.

It is no coincidence if I founded in 1998, my first interior decoration studio, Portobello, in this very same area. The Marais was very inspiring, we decorated there wonderful places from little studio to private mansion and trendy restaurant. Each place was treated very differently but always with the local spirit of freedom.

Interior decoration

Perhaps the major lesson from my experience is that stunning interiors often rely on simple styling principle that are quite easy to implement.

The light is very central, the space always needs various source of light to enable different inner atmosphere, no matters the size of your room. The light defines the forms and the tonality and thus the whole atmosphere in a given space.
Also, the natural elegance of quality materials has no substitute, the real luxury is always simplicity. The pleasure to eat on a real wooden table, the softness of a natural cotton velvet on a couch, the comfort of natural linen is irreplaceable whether on your bed, sofa or for curtains.
Ultimately audacity is the key to a successful interior decoration, harmony often arises from the interplay of old and new, matt and gloss, gravitas and laid back, ethnic and urban, in one word “eclecticism” even if this term is admittedly somewhat overworked.

Noble materials

To translate this conception of interior decoration I selected for nest numerous creations using exclusively noble material as oak and elm wood for furniture, stonewashed linen and cotton velvet for textile, stoneware and porcelain for kitchenware or Washi Japanese paper and ceramics for lighting.
I always keep in mind environmental concerns and preservation of traditional know-how.
Creators and designers distributed by nest are mostly craft workers creating hand-made objects blending ancestral techniques using natural and non-polluting materials, requiring different types of special manipulations to make each piece a unique piece.


For Tsé and Tsé Associées designers, every object requires special research in finding the best quality manufacturers. Noble materials are used, according to French traditional know-how, that favor quality and long-life features for the objects. Because of this, lamps, dishes and furniture are made in small series, sometimes individually and rarely over 1000 items per year. Every item is unique, and these differences are Tsé & Tsé’s inimitable signature.

Celine Wright lighting reconciles the artisanal and design. Using non-polluting human energy, one of the cloud-shape lights, molded and structured by hand, can be composed of more than 2000 bands of Washi paper. Using only a brush, its realization can take up to 4 days of work. ‘Our appreciation of time soothes our rhythms of constant consumption,’ underlines Celine Wright.

touch satisfaction

Maison de vacances, breaks the codes of interior design and luxury, creating a home line using for fashion’s colors and materials, “Dress up your interiors as you wanna be dressed up”. Its collections are dedicated to a chic and authentic lifestyle, a bohemian spirit using the materials and the techniques of the most exclusive brands. All the products are always made from precious material. Fabrics, wool, and furs are patiently developed in Europe and strictly controlled, to provide a strong visual effect and a full satisfaction for the touch.

Bordeaux base brand Harmony, has been a linen creative pioneer and is now well known for its specific textile skills. It releases every year exclusive and ever up to date premium quality linen collections. The table linen and the bedding are elegant and soft, the stonewash process gives incomparable touch and the color palette is natural and timeless.


Kerzon home fragrance, is a family adventure, a beautiful complicity between two brothers, Etienne and Pierre-Alexis. Inspired by the fragrances of their family home, the creative duo has combined olfactory sensations, memories from travel, and a passion for craftsmanship to develop natural care products for the home and the linens. Each collection is conceived with quality natural ingredients and employs environmentally conscious French production methods without any animal testing. Composed in Grasse by one of France’s oldest living heritage companies, the scents are the heart of their collections, designed with passion for inspiring stories and the patience of its craftsmen. Formulated in France with clean raw materials and ingredients of natural origin, which are approved by organic cosmetics.


Jean-Yves Sevestre – Galerie Demesure– is a French passionate and dedicated collector of Berber rugs. He goes on the roads of the High Atlas mountains looking for the best rug pieces. He is now a recognized Berber rugs’ expert, in Marrakesh and he is deeply involved in the Fairtrade philosophy by giving full support to many weavers’ associations in order to market their rugs, promote and make them known to the western world.


M Nuance, creates and manufactures delicate and asymmetric mirrors, shaped like puddles conceived to reflect nuances of the world. Handcrafted mirrors made by artisans near Porto in Portugal. It takes 9 steps to create their random shapes and hand cut beveled edges.


Jars ceramiste tableware, is the fruit of a traditional craft of potters’ skills that has passed down the generations and is still living on today, with the related making secrets of their forebears. Its tableware is both incredibly upscale and sober altogether.


Each piece has been selected with the utmost care, using my many years’ experience in the home design field and my commitment for quality.

I chose textiles, lightings, furniture and accessories created to stand the test of time and changing trends.  I bought each piece not as a procurement manager but as if they were for my own house…I truly hope you will enjoy my choices.


Laura Felcey Adiv,
Nest CEO founder

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